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Mission Statement:

AZTECA is committed to addressing the concerns and meeting the challenges that face

Gay Latinos over fifty and those that care for them in the community. Azteca Project with the

collaboration of: Age and Independence Services (AIS), Counsel on Minority Aging (CMA),

Commission on Aging (COA) Chula Vista, CA, AARP, and other agencies not listed at this time,

provides assistance, training and informational material, in English and Spanish on agencies that

provides assistance to the senior in the community in need AZTECA Project will assist those agencies

to focus in the GAY population over 50, in the San Diego area.


Azteca Project's goal is to ultimately provide, or identify a location similar to a senior center where

the aging Latino community can go during the day (when in operation) and socialize with others similar to

them, without facing ageism or discriminations, and to make one or more member(s) available to assist the


AZTECA Project

Will not discriminate or refuse assistance, will provide free information available to all

regardless of culture, age, gender or sexual orientation. A person does not need to be over fifty, gay or

Latino to obtain information. All information and services are free to the public; furthermore a

membership will never be required.

AZTECA Project
Is the first service of its kind in the San Diego area kind to provide information to the

elderly gay population about services that are available in and out the gay community. programs

and/or take part in this important project (or set a meeting where I could discuss specifics in detail

with you) please email me at:

[email protected].


Thank you for your kind consideration.

All correspondence should be made to:

John Acosta
P.O. BOX 7678
Chula Vista CA