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Formal Introduction

It is a pleasure to formally introduce myself, I am John Acosta. AZTECA

Project founder. This project is the fruition of an eight-year vision. It

provides vital support and referral services to GAY Adult Latinos/ Latinas

50+years of age.Azteca Project of is the first of its kind in the country to

recognize this neglected community and link the cities mainstream social

services with the elderly gay Latino community.

AZTECA Project is committed to addressing the concerns and challenges that face the elderly community.
AZTECA Project information services are free and will not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnic
background, religion, or sexual preference. A membership will never be required AZTECA Project will show
that a person who is Elderly, Gay and of Color does not ask or want special Treatment, Special programs nor
Special Rights.
This Project provides free information which is available in both English and Spanish, regarding
social services available in and out of the gay community. These services includeinformation on: discounts for
medications, living assistance, housing, legal, income tax assistance, transportation, employments, meals
delivered to their homes, home repairs, and information how to get discounted utilities. This is a vital service
that is necessary for the reason that there is a large population that includes GAY Latinos entering their senior
years. However, presently many social services are neglecting this fast growing population by not addressing
the needs of the aging gay community. In addition the aging gay community has limited resources because they
don't go outside their comfort zone in search of services that could benefit them. The problem is now
We must address the needs of this fast-growing segment of the population. In California, we have a law that is
strictly enforced "three strikes and your out" concept. Let us not include the particular group of people who
are (1) elderly (2) of color (3) and gay in this concept.

"It's not how LONG we manage to live, but HOW we manage to live that becomes more important"
John Acosta